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 Between her shoulder blades, something pushed against her spine, thrusting her breasts forward. The cool air of the ship caressed her skin, raising goosebumps. She was gloriously exposed in ways that she never was on stage. On stage, she was in charge of what other people saw. Here she was open to Laqir. Here she was at his mercy. Heat ignited in her belly. “All right,” she said. Her breathing had become shallow and quick with excitement. “Here I am. How will this please a Kurazi male?” Somehow his eyes had grown wider and darker, and she realized that her very vulnerability had already turned him on. He drank her in with his gaze. “In Kurazi society, binding the female is part of the mating ritual. Successfully binding a Kurazi female is a feat of strength and skill. They do not go quietly. It is also essential to sexually arouse her, or there will be no mating.” He paused. “That you have already acquiesced to me by willingly binding yourself…” He took a breath, and she let her eyes drift down. His burgeoning erection was obvious in his body-hugging trousers. She remembered what it felt like in her hands and her mouth went dry.
Laqir is dapper as fuck. He can abduct me any day.