A quick update!

All right, since completing The Billionaire’s Muse, I’ve been feeling pretty good about the world and about all of you who have let me know you enjoyed it. I’m so glad! And I have something really fun in my upcoming rock star series for you guys. 😉 That will be coming out soon, although first I’ll be publishing Dead Man’s Curves, a fun little BBW vampire novelette. A tentative publishing schedule:
  1. Dead Man’s Curves — before the end of the month
  2. Rock Star Romance (STILL untitled, argh) — first thing in march
  3. RSR #2
  4. Craving the Beast — Project Loup Garou #3
  5. RSR #3
  6. RSR #4
  7. Taming the Beast — Project Loup Garou #4
And… that’s all I’m willing to commit to for now. I’m not even sure how long the rock star series is gonna go, but I’m very excited about writing it and inviting all of you along for the wild ride I have planned. I’m also eyeing the New Adult Romance market… I have Ideas concerning Historical New Adult Romance and they would be such wonderful books… if only I could find the time to write them in between all the rock stars and werewolves! It’s only the end of February, and I’m just getting started. Let’s rock! (And roll. ;))