Cover show off!

baitingthebeastblogYeah, I am like EVER SO EXCITED that I just finished the cover of Baiting the Beast because it turned out GORGEOUS and I LOVE IT and mmmmmmmmmm. This was such a fun story to write, I’m very anxious about it. I want it to do well because the characters grew on me and the world kind of EXPLODED in my head, and I was like, “hey, I could write a set of twelve interlocking novellas in this universe…” LIKE OMG. I would love to do that. So. I’m very excited by the release of Baiting the Beast. I’m hoping it will be live by the first of the year. Because everyone wants half-shifted werewolf boning as they recover from their New Year’s hangovers. What are you guys doing for New Years? Me, I think I might make some sparkling Jello (half boiling water, half seltzer!), since I don’t drink no more, and maybe going to bed early. There were far too many wild parties in my youth for me to long for the days when I woke up on a friend’s bathroom floor with a headache and someone else’s shirt on. There is something to be said for getting older. And that thing is GET OFF MY LAWN EDIT: And since search-engine results tell me that people are anxious for His Canvas, rest assured that I will be busting my butt on it and I hope to have it out by January 6th. It’s always a crapshoot when things go live, but I’m a-working on it!