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Can beauty be saved by the love of the beast? Fleeing his captors, Subject Four wanders the wilderness, trapped in his monstrous form halfway between man and wolf, until one moonlit night he catches the scent of his mate. His destiny. The only problem is, she’s a trap. Bonnie Randal, med student and frustrated virgin, has never known the touch of a man or the pleasures of the flesh. Kidnapped and bound, she’s about to find out what she’s been missing…
Four is certain he used to be a man, before he was captured and imprisoned, subject to terrible experiments and his memory erased. The nearness of his fated mate brings clarity and he’s convinced that if he mates with Bonnie, he’ll become a man again. Bonnie isn’t so sure, and the pleasure of his beastly body leaves her even more uncertain that she would want him to turn back. With their captors on their heels, will Bonnie choose her human life, or her beastly love? Baiting the Beast is a 25,000 word paranormal erotic romance novella featuring a sensitive beast, a brainy beauty, oral sex, knotting, and the enthusiastic defloration of a virgin!
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EXCERPT: “Wo-man,” it said at last, “open. Legs, open.” These words erased, once and for all, the fear for her life she had felt. It wanted to fuck her, not eat her. Rape her, more like. So why did her heart start to hammer at the realization? “I… I can’t,” she said. “I’m tied up.” She risked a glance down her body. The creature was still just a hulking shadow crouched down beside her, but she imagined its eyes on her, watching her. She imagined it could see in the dark. Then it rose up, up and up, so tall she thought she would swoon. It blotted out the starry sky before moving down to her feet and crouching there. Sharp points slid down her goose-bumped legs. Claws. When they met the chain wound around her calves and ankles, it made a sound of frustration, a deep grumble that sounded almost comical, as though the beast were merely a dog who had been expecting a steak and got only kibble for dinner instead. “I’m sorry,” Bonnie told it, absurdly. A pang of disappointment and thwarted need struck her, as though somehow not getting monster nose in her pussy was the undesirable outcome of this encounter. Fight it, she thought to herself, but she had never truly felt need before. She had no practice in resisting it, so when the beast rose up and straddled her legs, she only made a token noise of protest, which the beast promptly ignored, instead placing its huge hands upon her hips. They were enormous, so big that they nearly encircled her hips, and the heat of them sent a pure, shimmering sensual pleasure through her shivering body. The pads of his hands were rough, catching the wool of her skirt, and his claws pricked her even through the thick material. Then he flipped her over, roughly, and she landed face first in the dirt as he hauled her hips into the air, folding her body at the waist, until her ass was straight up in the air, her handcuffed hands pinioned beneath her chest, the metal biting into her breasts. Again the cold nose, this time on the back of her thighs, drifting upward until it met her pussy. She felt the hem of her skirt rise as it maneuvered its head beneath it, creating a warm tent. Her slit quivered in anticipation, needing to be touched, and she was not disappointed. Hot breath puffed over her pussy, once, twice, three times. Soft whiskers and baby-fine hairs at the tip of its muzzle tickled her swollen flesh. Then something long and sinuous, damp, slightly rough and strongly muscled, stroked over her entire cleft, from clit to asshole, and Bonnie cried out in surprise and pleasure. Her body tingled as though her very skin were dissolving into sparks, white hot and all-too-brief…

2 thoughts on “Baiting the Beast — Out Now!

  1. Barbara says:

    Hi, Bought Baiting the Beast last night & read it during the football game. Loved it but don’t leave me hanging, tell me it’s the start of a new series.
    I read your billionaire wife but only after it was completed. Thanks for the great reads and looking forward to when the complete muse
    series is published.(2013?)
    Thanks again,
    Barbara in NYC

    • Ava Lore says:

      Hi! Yes, I think it IS the start of a new series. What can I say–I meant it to be a one-off, but then it just grew on me. The complete muse will definitely be published in 2013. It might be a bit longer than Wife, but it’s in fewer parts, heh. I’d guess late March, when I start my next contep serial. 🙂 Thank you so much for reading, and for your kind words!

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