An Update

In case anyone is wondering where I am, I am staring at an approximately 92% completed manuscript of Hard Rock Improv and this book has been giving me THE HARDEST TIME. I have been struggling to get it right for well over a month and a half now and I’m so close I can taste it, but the end keeps retreating like the horizon. It will be out. Soon. I’ve been slaving over it and trying to get it as good as can be… Incidentally, this is why I loved writing serials. When writing serials, there’s no time to agonize over whether or not it’s ~*perfect*~, but when dealing with full manuscripts the perfect is the enemy of the good, and the good is the enemy of the published.

I’m dragging myself toward the end. I like the book. But it doesn’t like me.


I was finally sobering up by the time the sun started to set and the rest of the band, with attendant significant others, came stumbling through the front door.

“Jesus shit,” Carter said, alerting Sonya and me to their presence. I turned and looked over the back of the couch to see him stagger across the marbled entryway. He collapsed just at the border of the living room, his long legs stretched across the white tiles behind him, his arms outstretched, and his pretty, boyish face planted firmly against the floorboards as he closed his eyes and appeared to hug the beach house. A huge sigh escaped him. “I thought we would never get done.”

“We probably would have been done sooner if you hadn’t decided you wanted to get a new tattoo during lunch,” Kent said drily as he stepped over his brother’s limp body. “That sort of thing can put a kink in continuity, you know.”

“Continuity, schmontinuity,” Carter replied. “A video is for five hundred million hits on YouTube. A tattoo is forever.”

Next to me, Sonya scoffed. “YouTube will probably still be around after you’re dead and I sell your tattooed skin for a line of fine leather purses,” she said. “I’ll be rich.”

Carter turned one bloodshot eye toward her. “And old,” he said.

“And rich. Rich can buy a lot of young. Especially in the form of pool boys.”

3 thoughts on “An Update

  1. Sarah says:

    Looking forward to reading this one just as much as the others. I loved them, they had me hooked from the first chapter. Keep up the amazing work!

    • Ava Lore says:

      Thank you kindly, struggling to get this one out the door, just as soon as life stops interfering with my rock star fantasies. 😉

  2. Staci says:

    I know this book is going to be wonderful as the other HARD ROCK books. I can not wait to read it. Ms. Lore, you are a fine author!

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