What’s coming up from Ava Lore?

A lot of nothing for the next few days. I’ve been beat to hell wringing all these words out of my thinkmeats. I realized I was probably in danger of burning out when I lay down on the living room floor to play with my kid on Saturday and accidentally fell asleep. For an hour. On the floor. Luckily my husband was there to pick up my slack, but wow.

So. Werewolf story is sort of stalled, but I plan to brute force 3k words tonight, then once that’s published I’ll be churning out the rest of The Billionaire’s Muse and then I will be moving on from billionaires to rock stars/assorted music industry personnel with two contemp eroms that, frankly, I’m totally in love with. Then another contemp erom. With werewolves and maybe some vampires in there? WHO KNOWS. Alls I know is that there are just not enough hours in the day, and not enough life force in my brain to write all the great stories lurking around inside my skull. Alas.

To recap:

  1. Mating the Beast (tentative title) 
  2. His Obsession
  3. His Masterpiece
  4. Project Loup Garou #3
  5. Rock Star #1 (tentatively titled Backstage Passes)
  6. Rock Star #2
  7. Project Loup Garou #4
  8. Rock Star #3
  9. idk something with vampires?? or menage? menage vampires?
  10. Rock Star #4
  11. Rock Star #5
  12. Midsummer Mate (the counterweight to Solstice Sacrifice, with dragons!)

And that’s my plan. I think. If I don’t keel over first! But my birthday is on Friday so I’m getting a massage. I’m sure that will cure me of all my ills. Thanks to everyone for all your support! I’ll keep writing, and I hope you enjoy reading!

6 thoughts on “What’s coming up from Ava Lore?

    • Ava Lore says:

      Thank you so much, Karli! Your one-woman campaign on my behalf filled my inbox yesterday. 🙂 Contact me if you would like a free book from either my backlist or my upcoming releases.

  1. Lorna says:

    You are great, loved the billionaire stories. Can’t wait to see what happens with Sadie and Malcolm. How many books will there be in total? Keep up the amazing writing!

    • Ava Lore says:

      There will be five books in total. The fourth is coming out ASAP. My tentative date is February 4th. Thanks so much for your support and thank you for reading!

  2. Trish Dismore says:

    I LOVE your writing! I have been telling my friends that they HAVE to read your books! Dead Mans Curves was so great! Can’t wait for more on that & the Rock Series! You are a great way for me to have time for myself! I love how your characters make me laugh & smile for a while after I read. Thanks, Trish

    • Ava Lore says:

      Oh wow, thank YOU. That’s one of the highest compliments a writer can receive, and that’s what I always want to give my readers. I’m so so so happy I can do that for you. 🙂 I’ve been malingering with a dreadful sinus infection, but you and other fans really inspire me to try to get back up on that horse and crank out those stories I need to publish. Thanks for giving me a big old smile. XD

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