WELL. Crisis at the Casa de Lore…

FIRST, yes, there is a book out called Hard Rock Arrangement. If you’ve already purchased the full series, there’s not much different about it except some toning down of the sexual language. So don’t buy it if you already have the series! NEXT, I won’t bore you guys with the details, but there’s been an avalanche of bullshit in my life in the past… two weeks? So Hard Rock Remix will be late, hopefully only by a few days, but who knows. I feel AWFUL for missing this deadline. To make it up to you, my faithful fans whom I love so much, I’ll be posting a teaser every day between now and release day, and in the next few days I’ll be starting a giveaway, probably signed copies and gift cards and stuff. So. Here we go. Today’s excerpt… meet Aylen Ware! The lovely protagonist of Hard Rock Remix.

Hard Rock Remix, Excerpt 1:

It was the coffee that drove it home for me. Sinful, sinful coffee. I stood in the hotel restaurant and stared at the huge metal cylinder of coffee in front of me. Actually there were three whole cylinders of coffee rather than one, but I was having trouble with just the one. It was all there, ready for me to try. All I had to do was reach out, take a cup, and shove it under the spout. Then I could bring it to my lips and taste, for the first time, the forbidden drink. …Well, to be honest there were a lot of forbidden drinks, but I needed to tackle this one thing at a time. I looked down at the hand not holding a book and willed it to grab a cup. It didn’t move. I glared at it, but it stayed stubbornly at my side. Do it, I chided myself. Just do it. Do it. Do it. You won’t be damned. Well. Any more than I was already. I’d smelled coffee before, at the Gentile grocery store, on the few occasions I was allowed to go shopping for the household. It had smelled divine, everything about it tempting…which of course was what made it so sinful. The only things worth doing, it seemed, were things you didn’t want to do at all. I’d always wanted just a sip, to see if it tasted as good as it smelled, but of course we weren’t allowed such things. Our souls and bodies needed to be pure. Well. Nuts to that


Oh Aylen. You have no idea what kind of temptation is about to hit you. I need to cast Carter. And Kent. For… research.

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