The State of the Lore, Late March Edition!

So… state of the Lore. I think I have finally licked a MONTH LONG sinus infection and am getting back in the saddle. There are several things to point out. FIRST! If you are craving a good erotic fix and still waiting for me to stop hocking gobs of green mucus down my sink, then hop on over to I have to say, I’m quite impressed and very pleased with this new blog. I’ve found quite a few new books to read from it, and promo’d one of my own books on it. I’d say this is a great blog to bookmark and return to if you’re looking for something fresh and new that might have been buried. A lovely collection of diamonds in the rough. Highly recommend! Several of my author friends like Krista Lake and Tanya Korval are featured here, too, so personally I think the quality is over the moon. 😉
Mash this here badge to go to!

Mash this here badge to go to!

Next! I’m actually quite shocked, to tell the truth, but I went through the process of compiling both of my billionaire books into, well, Actual Novels Printed On Paper And Everything, and they are on sale now on Amazon, and have already moved several copies. You could kind of knock me over with a feather, to be honest. The thought that someone actually wants physical copies of my books makes my little authorial heart flutter and then kind of seize up and the world goes a bit starry for a moment or two… what was I saying? Oh, right. You can now buy actual physical copies of my billionaire books!

Although… I may or may not be giving away some signed copies in a bit. I don’t know what I would ask people to do to enter for such a giveaway, though! I must think on this.

Ummm… what else… OH. Right. Haha. Uh, I wrote a tiny little One Year Later spin-off of The Billionaire’s Muse featuring Sadie and Malcolm, breeding, and a camera crew. It’s called “His Performance” and you can find it in the smutty Easter short story collection Breeding Like Bunnies. This is just a silly, raunchy smut story collection. I was going to write a stand alone story for it, but Lucinda, who organized the collection, said offhand, “Oh, you could write a little Muse sidestory or something” and a fully formed story popped into my brain and I had to write it. You can either plunk down 99 cents for a copy now or you can wait until the free promo days, which are, of course, Easter weekend. 😉 Here’s the link. I’ll update the blog and remind you if you want to read 5000 extra words of Sadie and Malcolm fucking like rabbits but would rather wait for the free days.

Must warn you guys… this one is raunchy. And of the stories in the collection, it’s the tamest. And I even managed to sneak a little character development into it! Enjoy!

Exclusive Contract update: 3k words out of probably 30k. So ten percent done. Trying to get it out before the end of the month. Thank you all so much for your support, and if you have enjoyed any of my stories, please leave a review on Amazon and help others find it. 😉 It helps me decide which direction to take my writing next. I always want to hear from readers, so please don’t be shy… even if you have critiques and want to email me privately, I always take critiques under advisement and strive to improve always ( if you want to contact me–I don’t bite). I love writing fun, sexy stories, and I love even more when those fun, sexy stories touch my readers, either emotionally or inappropriately. 😉 We all need a break from life, and I hope I can keep giving one to all of you, if only for a few hours. ♥

Also I think I’m going to dye my hair purple at the end of the month. This is not related to anything, but I have to share. I’m psyched.