State of the Lore Update, May 2013 (or, WHERE IS ROCK ARRANGEMENT #4???)

Soooooo. You know how sometimes you have this idea of how you want a story to end and then you get to the point of writing it and suddenly you just can’t because the story bores you to tears? I know most of you don’t because you don’t write books, but this happens. Protip: if you are bored writing it, that’s a good clue that what you are writing is boring! So I changed the ending. It will hopefully be significantly less boring. Coming later this week. Have a cover.


Dat. AZZ.

I love you guys. I’m planning Carter’s story for late August/early September. Full novel this time. A slightly cleaned up version of the Rock Arrangement series will be released as a New Adult novel titled Hard Rock Arrangement (The Lonely Kings, #1). Carter’s story will be #2 in the series and is probably going to be called Hard Rock Remix. Look forward to it, and thanks for reading!

6 thoughts on “State of the Lore Update, May 2013 (or, WHERE IS ROCK ARRANGEMENT #4???)

  1. Janette says:

    Omg Omg I love that you have redirected ur train of thought and that Carter is getting his own story therefore since Kent is his brother Kent will make appearances in his book, and and do you think you can send me a real life Kent effin hot Hudson 😉

    • Ava Lore says:

      Publishing tonight come hell or high water. When it will be live on the various storefronts is something of a crapshoot, however.

  2. Tami L says:

    Is there a bundle package to purchase all of these Exclusive Engagements? I prefer buying them all at once. Thanks!

    • Ava Lore says:

      Yes! In fact, the full book Hard Rock Arrangement is all four of them. The language is toned down slightly for a wider audience, but it’s pretty much the same thing. And it only costs $2.99. I haven’t taken the others down because…well, I’m lazy. That’s why. Here’s the AMZ link.

      The next book in the series, Hard Rock Remix will be out in about a week.

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