~SIGH~ and a small teaser…

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Welp, threw my back out the worst I’ve ever done on Saturday, so my grand plan to finish up HRR was derailed. Again. If I wasn’t hissing in pain I was passed out from the drugs. But now I’m doing much better and HRR is clipping along at a fine pace… trying to get it finished by Friday, up by Monday. I’m sick of looking at it because I want to write Hard Rock Improvisation which is Manny’s story and truthfully that’s probably adding a bit to my dragging feet. Just tired of writing this book. I like this book, but it’s been a real bear to get through. The boxed set has also been delayed thanks to Amazon going all wonky, but it’ll be up on October 1st. Everything for that is done, it’s just Amazon delaying us now. A teaser. With smexy times. BEHOLD:

Beneath him, my body burst into strange and terrible flames.

Time faded. There was no here and now, there was no there and then. Everything suddenly melted away, and Carter and I were alone in the universe, cut off from everything, a man and a woman floating free of the past and the future. He wove his fingers into my hair, his hard, lean body pressing me down into his bed. I gasped, sucked air in through my nose. His room smelled like him, sweet and rich. The scent of a man, the smell of alcohol, the lingering wisps of smoke in the walls.

I parted my thighs. I stole my arms around him and held on for dear life as he leaned in, as his body curled around mine, until his hips nestled in the cradle of my legs, begging me to yield to him.

I want this, I realized. Even if it was bad, even if I was evil, even if this was the point of no return, I wanted it here, now, forever.

“Oh,” Carter said as my legs locked around his waist. “Oh, yes. Aylen…”

Then he was kissing me and there were no more words. His lips moved on mine.

For a moment I stilled and struggled with myself. Should I let him have this power over me? Was this wise? Should I let my heart become vulnerable so soon after breaking free of my prison?

But then his tongue escaped his mouth, flickered against the seam of my lips. All objections turned blinding white and faded away, burning into nothingness like a scrap of paper on a bonfire, and I groaned and let him take over…