New Werewolf story coming soon…

As soon as I get over this exhaustion. -_- Yes, it’s a sequel of sorts to Baiting the Beast even though it starts immediately after Four’s escape. But since people actually seemed to like Baiting the Beast it makes me very happy to be able to focus on the world and characters hinted at in that book. I enjoyed writing BtB, and I want to tell the stories of the other beasts in captivity. The next story is about Subject Number One and his mate, Dr. Michelle Dimaano, who just so happens to be one of his captors. I don’t know how long this one is going to be, but I’m about 10k words into it and while there has been some heavy groping through the bars of a cell, my heroine freaked out at the thought of being One’s mate. Unfortunately for her she’s probably not going to get much time to get used to the thought before it happens. Good thing Number One is totally devoted to her and Has A Plan… 🙂 I’ve named the series “Project Loup Garou” just to link them all together. They work as stand-alone novellas, though, so that makes me happy. Enjoy the teaser!

And besides, Michelle knew as well as anyone that touch was incredibly important for animals to thrive. It was basic biology. Perhaps Number One just needed a hug.

A sexy hug, the soft, dirty part of her mind whispered. Michelle shoved the thought away.

This is for science, she told herself. This is for the health and well-being of Subject Number One. She stepped forward and put her hands out.

Her fingertips grazed his fur, and a frisson of sweet sensation buzzed from the tips of her fingers straight down to the hot, crowded space between her legs, startling her. Michelle had never given that place much thought. She certainly had never touched it in the way she knew other women did. It just had no appeal to her.

Now, however, it began to heat up, and she swallowed, hard…

Subject Number One held perfectly still. It was as though he knew this was a big moment for her. As though he knew she had an interest in him that veered toward the… personal.

He is a person under there, she reminded herself. A flesh and blood man. She’d seen him on the days of the new moon. Lovely tanned skin. Dark hair. Hard, muscled body. A very handsome man, all told.

But she knew that wasn’t really what attracted her.

She moved her hands to his fur.

It was oily and rough, the fur of a wild animal rather than a domestic dog. The skin of her palms sizzled, coming alive as she smoothed her hands against his shoulder, then slipped her arm between the bars and across his chest. A rumble in his throat made her pause, but after a glance at his face revealed eyes slitted with pleasure, she continued her exploration.

He smelled good. Wild. Dark. Musky. The flesh under the fur burned hot, and the muscles jumped and twitched at her touch. Michelle swallowed around her dry tongue, moving closer, letting her fingers run through his fur, grazing over the skin beneath it. The rumble in his chest grew louder, a pleased growl. The sound reached straight through her to her spine, pinning her in place with fear… and anticipation. The space between her legs grew hotter and hotter with her exploration, and a gush of warm wetness drew a gasp as she paused.

Subject Number One wanted her to continue. Without warning, he reached through the bars, his hard, muscled forearms barely fitting between the cold steel columns, and began to run his beastly, clawed hands over her body where he could.

Michelle bit her lip and closed her eyes.

Rough paw pads caught her clothes. Claws snagged fabric, blunt fingers curled and scratched, trying to draw her closer. Her heart hammered in her chest, her head light with fear and something else, something she’d never felt before. She couldn’t get enough air. Wavering on her feet, Michelle felt herself tip forward, stumbling into Number One’s embrace, and deep in her throat a low, animal sound emerged, startling her.

She’d never made such a sound before.

Hard steel bars pressed against her soft flesh, cold against the heat of him. His hands roamed her body, the scent of him filling her nose. Her own fingers dug into his fur, tangling, gripping, holding on for dear life as he pulled her closer. Eyes still closed, she let her body go limp as her breath and sanity left her, and her head fell back, exposing her neck to the teeth of the beast in the cage…