Here I go, here I go, here I go again…

So yeah. Hard Rock Remix. It’s a thing. It’s happening. HOPEFULLY SOON. I realized I should probably update you guys on the state of the book when Eileen, one of my favorite fans, emailed me today to ask if there was any news. And there is news, and it’s not necessarily good or bad, but the news is that I got all the way to the climax of the book and then realized that it had run off the rails in Vegas (yes, really) and that was before the midpoint. So long story short I’m writing up the last 60% of the book all over again from scratch. I anticipate eighteen to twenty chapters and I just finished chapter ten for the second time. But, you know…as the lovely Eileen said, I try to give only my best to you guys. I couldn’t release a crappy book out into the world. So forgive me, and please be patient with me. In the interests of complete transparency, I’ll try to update this word meter every day:
41375 / 90000 (45.97%)
That is the state of HRR. On the upside, my research allows me to watch things like this, so rolling that fucking boulder back up that mountain isn’t so bad as long as there’s a side show. Buddha’s name be praised.