Hard Rock Remix — THE BLURBENING

Okay. Keep in mind that I got two and a half hours of sleep last night. I am exhausted. I don’t know if this blurb makes any sense. But it is, so far, accurate. So for those of you wondering, “Yes, Ava, but what is HRR actually¬†about??”¬†I hope this answers your question.
Sexy couple in romantic poseAylen Ware grew up in the shadowy, secret world of the fundamentalist Mormon church, with fifty-three siblings and five mothers. Surrounded by true believers, she has always hidden her doubts and her sinful fascination with the outside world, knowing it could cut her off from the people she loved most. Then one day the inevitable edict comes down: she is to marry one of the church elders, a man forty years her senior and renowned for his cruelty. Mere minutes before her wedding, she finally decides to run. Fleeing from the only life she has ever known, she throws herself on the mercy of a tattooed stranger, vowing it will be the last time she is ever at the mercy of a man.
Half-naked and passed out drunk on a motel bed, Carter Hudson doesn’t seem like a knight in shining armor, but appearances can be deceiving, and as Aylen reluctantly allows him to ferry her from Salt Lake City to California before her intended husband hunts her down, she finds herself growing more and more attached to him… and some of her feelings are downright sinful. Unfortunately, matters of the heart can never be that simple. While Aylen resists her growing attraction and increasing dependence, Carter desperately hides a secret of his own, one that could forever alter their fragile connection… and put Aylen’s future in jeopardy.
So. That’s apparently happening. Now I’m going to bed. I’m either brilliant or really dumb, but hopefully you guys will enjoy another weird, crazy ride. Sounds a bit angsty, but don’t worry. Angst cannot last long in the face of Carter Hudson.

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  1. Staci says:

    I can’t wait!!!! Carter gets his own story/series!!!! Hip HIp Hooray from all of your fans!!!

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