Hard Rock Remix: (Preliminary) Cover & Blurb reveal!

I’m a total workaholic, I just can’t stop writing books. I finished my Angsty New Adult book on Sunday, and now it’s Wednesday and I’m all, “I should write Hard Rock Remix…” So now I am in the planning stages. I want to say… by the end of July? I have a VACATION to go on (I get to leave Dallas and go to San Francisco, omg so excited, already melting here) but I’ve learned a lot about doing a full novel over the 12 days (!!!) it took for me to get my NA novel out. So look for HRR at LEAST by the end of July, if not sooner. Add my ass on Goodreads if you’re there (I always friend back, I love to see what you guys are reading), and I’ll be updating my account with expected publication dates and junk. Anyway, I’m really excited because Carter and Manny and Sonya grew on me like fungus while I was writing up Rock Arrangement, and I can’t wait to get them all hooked up in the most melodramatic and soap opera-y way possible. HAVE A (preliminary) COVER AND BLURB. Subject to change without notice.


????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????Starting over isn’t always easy, but Aylen Ware thinks she just might manage to pull it off. She has a new town, a new look, and, most importantly, a new job as a makeup artist on the set of one of the hottest movies coming down the pipeline. Everything is in place to get her life right this time. But Aylen also wants to become a new person. The only problem is that she knows only one way to survive: keep her head down and don’t get noticed. But when she’s assigned as the makeup artist for rock star and burgeoning acting sensation Carter Hudson, her survival methods go out the window. Carter is outgoing, enthusiastic, and bursting with energy and a love for life that Aylen only thought existed in books–and he notices Aylen whether she wants him to or not. Suddenly subject to the attentions of the rock world’s wildest child, Aylen discovers what it truly means to change–and what it truly means to love both another person as well as herself. Can Carter coax her out of her shell and show her a side of herself she never knew existed, or will Aylen’s past come between them, and ruin her second chance at life? Add to your Goodreads list! Yeah. CAN’T WAIT TO GET THIS ONE ON PAPER. Thank you all for all your support. I’m so excited to be able to do this job, and you make it possible.

7 thoughts on “Hard Rock Remix: (Preliminary) Cover & Blurb reveal!

  1. Janette says:

    Omg ava virtual kisses cause I’m loving this, I can’t effin wait, I love me some Kent Hudson but Carters tale I want and fyi Max and Sonya so grew on me so if ur planning a small something for them I’m a greedy eager reader ready to get on amazon one click n boom I’m reading 🙂

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