Boxed Set + Hard Rock Remix, post #a bajillionty

SAD TO SAY, the boxed set, Rock Star Romance (99 CENTS, 12 NOVELS AND NOVELLAS), has been pushed back thanks to a confluence of events, not the least of which is distributor problems on one end and computer problems on the other. BUT. Not a big deal. Will be out on OCTOBER 1st!!. If you want to be IN THE KNOW when it (or any of my books!) goes live, just sign up for my newsletter or my update list! They’re kind of the same thing at the moment… Update list is no frills, no spam…but so is the newsletter at this point, because I hate spam like the very devil himself, so I try not to inflict it on people. Hard Rock Remix progress meter:  
82530 / 95000
  At this point I can only say how very, very glad I am that I decided to delete 35,000 words of the 70,000 I had a few weeks ago, because it is so much better now. SO MUCH BETTER. Sure, I had to write 60,000 words fresh from scratch over the course of two weeks, but I gotta be me (crippled by perfectionism)! I really hope you guys enjoy it. Pages: 135 Chapters: 18/19+Epilogue ETA: Friday Hitting PUBLISH on: Saturday night after intensive editing session. Rewarding myself with: those new drapes and lamps I wanted. A real, grownup bedroom will be mine, after ten years of marriage. So close…so very, very close… Yeah. Anyway. I am excited. There’s a lot of sexy times in the last half of this book. It’s fun. I think I might aim for a novella series along the lines of H. M. Ward’s The Arrangement just to cleanse my palate and have something else to work on while I hammer away at Manny’s book. Lots of sex. Angst. Some funny stuff. Plot? Is plot really that important? (Yes. I know it is. And I’ll end up with one even if I try not to.) Love you guys. Got licked by a horse today. It was fab.