Hard Rock Remix — Excerpt #2!

Giveaway starts on Friday. Can’t wait! Also I would just like to say that this book is coming along much more smoothly since I deep-sixed my planned plot. It was boring. This is better. HARD ROCK REMIX: Excerpt #2
Swallowing, I picked my way back to the bed. As I’d thought, the floor was covered in beer bottles and discarded clothes. A mess of papers and a pen were scattered in the corner, and a guitar stood propped against the night stand. A prescription bottle of pills stood on the edge of the night stand, gleaming white. Doubt began to creep over me. The person in the bed was surely evil, if this was the way they lived… I brushed the thought away, and finally pulled up alongside the bed and peeked at the person who lay there. I gasped. It was a man. A shirtless man. I’d never seen a shirtless man in the flesh before. It was…strange. He was young, with a boyish face and dark hair. Jewelry, more jewelry than I’d ever been allowed to wear, gleamed against his skin. His ears twinkled with rows of earrings, a curved spike jutted from his eyebrow, and even his lip had a piercing. I hadn’t known that pierced lips happened. And he was covered–absolutely covered–in tattoos. Thick black lines, thin, dancing shapes, sharp jagged patterns–all of them flowed over his skin, dipping and diving and rising again over the landscape of his body. His muscular chest and well-formed arms were more ink than skin, and even his throat had been decorated. I knew what the Church taught about tattoos and piercings. That our bodies were temples from God, and that tattoos and piercings desecrated God’s gift to us, as if someone had painted graffiti all over a temple. I knew they were wicked. I knew they were wrong. So why does this temple look so good covered in graffiti? I wondered hazily…

WELL. Crisis at the Casa de Lore…

FIRST, yes, there is a book out called Hard Rock Arrangement. If you’ve already purchased the full series, there’s not much different about it except some toning down of the sexual language. So don’t buy it if you already have the series! NEXT, I won’t bore you guys with the details, but there’s been an avalanche of bullshit in my life in the past… two weeks? So Hard Rock Remix will be late, hopefully only by a few days, but who knows. I feel AWFUL for missing this deadline. To make it up to you, my faithful fans whom I love so much, I’ll be posting a teaser every day between now and release day, and in the next few days I’ll be starting a giveaway, probably signed copies and gift cards and stuff. So. Here we go. Today’s excerpt… meet Aylen Ware! The lovely protagonist of Hard Rock Remix.

Hard Rock Remix, Excerpt 1:

It was the coffee that drove it home for me. Sinful, sinful coffee. I stood in the hotel restaurant and stared at the huge metal cylinder of coffee in front of me. Actually there were three whole cylinders of coffee rather than one, but I was having trouble with just the one. It was all there, ready for me to try. All I had to do was reach out, take a cup, and shove it under the spout. Then I could bring it to my lips and taste, for the first time, the forbidden drink. …Well, to be honest there were a lot of forbidden drinks, but I needed to tackle this one thing at a time. I looked down at the hand not holding a book and willed it to grab a cup. It didn’t move. I glared at it, but it stayed stubbornly at my side. Do it, I chided myself. Just do it. Do it. Do it. You won’t be damned. Well. Any more than I was already. I’d smelled coffee before, at the Gentile grocery store, on the few occasions I was allowed to go shopping for the household. It had smelled divine, everything about it tempting…which of course was what made it so sinful. The only things worth doing, it seemed, were things you didn’t want to do at all. I’d always wanted just a sip, to see if it tasted as good as it smelled, but of course we weren’t allowed such things. Our souls and bodies needed to be pure. Well. Nuts to that


Oh Aylen. You have no idea what kind of temptation is about to hit you. I need to cast Carter. And Kent. For… research.

Oh, my sweet lovelies.

Well. It should probably come as a surprise to NO ONE that I’ve been struggling with HRR, given my ominous silence, but I just read a good book and it has inspired me and hopefully I will be back on track to have it out by the end of the month. The blurb is changing, so I’ll be releasing that as the time nears, along with a fully compiled Hard Rock Arrangement. Now I’m off to write the prologue. Wish me the best of luck–I’m really gonna need it if I’m going to get a whole new book out in *checks watch* SIXTEEN DAYS. Fuck me. I’ll be posting teasers whenever write something I like. Thanks for your patience! I’m hoping to get the rest of the band’s books written this year. I have such fun stories to share. CAN’T WAIT! Love you all!

So I have this new book out…

Under a new penname. .99 cent introductory price! Enjoy?

where i end & you begin

WIEAYB_cover_AReIn Japan, they say there’s a red thread of fate that binds people who are destined to meet, regardless of time, place, or circumstance. It may tangle, it may knot, it may stretch or fray, but it will never break. It is a future as indelible as the past.  I hope that isn’t true. I pity anyone destined to meet me. ——————— For Bianca Ray, the past is always catching up, one way or another. Now in her third semester at college, it’s doing it again. Too much drinking has led to plummeting grades and rising absences, putting her scholarships in peril. When she makes it clear that she needs help–all over the floor of her history class–she’s given one last chance to shape up: seek therapy and bring her grades up by the end of the semester, or she’s out. Enter Catholic seminarian Daniel McGuire. The last thing Bianca wants is an aspiring priest to counsel her on how to live her life, but the handsome graduate student is different from the holy rollers she fled from at home. Gentle and unobtrusive, he helps her pick up the pieces and find a new way to live: not running from the past, but facing it head on. But opening up her heart to release the pain means that something else can come in. As Bianca and Daniel grow closer, their relationship moves onto dangerous ground. When they finally cross the line, the fragile courage Bianca has built up threatens to fail her. Can she exorcise the ghosts of her past, or will they catch hold and drag her down where not even Daniel can reach her?


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Hard Rock Remix: (Preliminary) Cover & Blurb reveal!

I’m a total workaholic, I just can’t stop writing books. I finished my Angsty New Adult book on Sunday, and now it’s Wednesday and I’m all, “I should write Hard Rock Remix…” So now I am in the planning stages. I want to say… by the end of July? I have a VACATION to go on (I get to leave Dallas and go to San Francisco, omg so excited, already melting here) but I’ve learned a lot about doing a full novel over the 12 days (!!!) it took for me to get my NA novel out. So look for HRR at LEAST by the end of July, if not sooner. Add my ass on Goodreads if you’re there (I always friend back, I love to see what you guys are reading), and I’ll be updating my account with expected publication dates and junk. Anyway, I’m really excited because Carter and Manny and Sonya grew on me like fungus while I was writing up Rock Arrangement, and I can’t wait to get them all hooked up in the most melodramatic and soap opera-y way possible. HAVE A (preliminary) COVER AND BLURB. Subject to change without notice.


????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????Starting over isn’t always easy, but Aylen Ware thinks she just might manage to pull it off. She has a new town, a new look, and, most importantly, a new job as a makeup artist on the set of one of the hottest movies coming down the pipeline. Everything is in place to get her life right this time. But Aylen also wants to become a new person. The only problem is that she knows only one way to survive: keep her head down and don’t get noticed. But when she’s assigned as the makeup artist for rock star and burgeoning acting sensation Carter Hudson, her survival methods go out the window. Carter is outgoing, enthusiastic, and bursting with energy and a love for life that Aylen only thought existed in books–and he notices Aylen whether she wants him to or not. Suddenly subject to the attentions of the rock world’s wildest child, Aylen discovers what it truly means to change–and what it truly means to love both another person as well as herself. Can Carter coax her out of her shell and show her a side of herself she never knew existed, or will Aylen’s past come between them, and ruin her second chance at life? Add to your Goodreads list! Yeah. CAN’T WAIT TO GET THIS ONE ON PAPER. Thank you all for all your support. I’m so excited to be able to do this job, and you make it possible.

~*PRICE DROP*~ The Billionaire’s Wife, and The Billionaire’s Muse

If you’ve not read either of these two books by moi, their prices have been dropped to $3.99!! Pick them up, and enjoy! You know. If you want to.


The New Adult novel I have been working on is almost finished. Hopefully I’ll be done with it by the end of tomorrow. Once I feel like I’ve recovered from it, I’ll be embarking upon Hard Rock Remix. WHICH I CANNOT WAIT TO WRITE. Because it is going to be so flipping fun. Carter, you rascal.

State of the Lore, June Edition

So here’s a tip for all you aspiring authors out there: do not, under any circumstances, run up against a deadline in such a way that you have to write 8,000 to 10,000 words a day every day for like 9 days, because it is brutal. But. I’m halfway through my first New Adult novel. It will be going live on the 24th of June. I’d like to keep this name and that name somewhat separate, but I of course will be telling my mailing lists all about it. 😉 PLEASE, sign up if you want to know what it is and when you can get it. It will be 99 CENTS for the first week at least, so if you want a whole novel of mine for 99cents, I recommend signing up for either my newsletter or my update list so you know the moment it goes live (I am SUPER hands-off on the email spam, so don’t worry about me inundating you with a lot of blah blah you don’t care about–the update list is JUST when things go live, and the newsletter is… well, I think I’ve only sent one, because I feel like I suck at newsletters, but I’m going to try to change that. Generally after a new release, I suppose, but sometimes with a little more in there). The book I’m writing is basically a black hole of angst and catharsis, so if that’s your thing, I hope you’ll enjoy it. As for Hard Rock Remix (Carter’s story, OMG you guys, I’m so psyched to write it!) I’ll be getting started on that in July. The tentative date for its publication is in early September… but I wouldn’t be surprised if this 9 day novel-writing blitz has not taught me a thing or two about vomiting words onto a page and it comes out sooner than that. 😀 Hard Rock Arrangement, the somewhat tamer version of the Exclusive series, will be going on sale in the middle of the month at a sale price of $2.99. I have to admit, I thought I was going to be sad to stop doing serials, but now I think I’m just psyched to do three dollar novels for you all. I hate hate hate feeling like I’m charging too much for a story, so this will hopefully fix that problem. …and can I just say again how humbled I am, and how very grateful I am for all my readers? Every single one of you, I think about you and hope you are doing well. I want to bring you the best story I can! Whenever someone tells me that my books help them escape from their problems, even for just a little while, it makes me so grateful to be able to do this job. I’m so lucky to have all of you, and I will never forget that.

Exclusive Engagement — Out Now!

Exclusive Engagement (Rock Arrangement, #4)


Faced with scandal, can Rebecca bring herself to trust Kent to help her eject her abusive ex-boyfriend from her life forever? And even if the threat is gone, will they be able to start over after such a tumultuous beginning? Exclusive Engagement is 20,000 words and is the final book in the serial novel Rock Arrangement. Only $2.99! Available now at these major retailers: Amazon Barnes & Noble  Kobo Books All Romance eBooks A note from Ava: Thank you for bearing with me. This installment was very hard to write because I didn’t really want to leave this world and these characters. I must have started over at least five times! But here it is, and it’s finished. It has been a privilege to share this story with all of you, and thank you so much for reading! A cleaned up New Adult version of this book will be released under the title Hard Rock Arrangement in the near future, and look forward to Carter’s novel, Hard Rock Remix, in September! I’m starting a more angsty and slightly less explicit New Adult/YA penname at the end of June, so if that’s your thing, I hope you will follow my other books, too. If you want to know when I start my new penname, please sign up for my update list here or my newsletter here. 😉 All the best, Ava Lore edit: I am also truly humbled by how many people loved this series and how absurdly popular (by my modest standards) it became. Thank you, thank you. Excerpt: He stood up and helped me to my feet, then led me into the hall. Together we wound through the cold, white, corridors of the backstage area before reaching a dingy door. Kent pulled me through it and into the club proper. I was certain we’d be noticed. Kent was not the sort of guy who went incognito easily, but to my shock no one looked twice at him and I realized that no one would be expecting to see him in the crowd at his own concert. Besides, the inside of the Snake Pit was so dim and dark that I could barely tell who he was, and I was holding his damn hand. Continue reading

State of the Lore Update, May 2013 (or, WHERE IS ROCK ARRANGEMENT #4???)

Soooooo. You know how sometimes you have this idea of how you want a story to end and then you get to the point of writing it and suddenly you just can’t because the story bores you to tears? I know most of you don’t because you don’t write books, but this happens. Protip: if you are bored writing it, that’s a good clue that what you are writing is boring! So I changed the ending. It will hopefully be significantly less boring. Coming later this week. Have a cover.


Dat. AZZ.

I love you guys. I’m planning Carter’s story for late August/early September. Full novel this time. A slightly cleaned up version of the Rock Arrangement series will be released as a New Adult novel titled Hard Rock Arrangement (The Lonely Kings, #1). Carter’s story will be #2 in the series and is probably going to be called Hard Rock Remix. Look forward to it, and thanks for reading!