Big Wheels Keep On Turnin’ + TEASER

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Yeah. I got, like, one thousand done yesterday. Today I wrote about eleven thousand words. I’m hoping to repeat this process for the next three to four days. With luck it’ll get me to the end of the book by the close of Saturday. Publish on Sunday. Take a break. Of course, now that I’ve written it down something will fly out of nowhere to fuck me, but I’m PLANNING ANYWAY. So screw you, universe! You’ve kept me from finishing this book for long enough! For the record, I am on page 102 of the manuscript. (ed: el oh el, forgot to put the number in and left the placeholder, GOOD JOB, AVA) I’m looking at 160 pages of writing when I’m done. Hard Rock Arrangement was 135 pages. I’m blowing my own mind, here. On the upside, when I went back and deleted half of what I’d written, I was on page 113. Pretty sure I’ll be blowing through that number on Wednesday. WORK HARD, WRITE BOOKS Today’s favorite line from Hard Rock Remix:
I woke up the next morning in Carter Hudson’s bed with my first ever hangover.