Better Living through Bitter Pills

…Or is that delicious pills? Because the only upside of finally succumbing to the infection that has plagued my husband for a week, resulting in strep throat and strep-induced psoriasis on my hands and feet (thanks to a strong immune system I am now itchy as well as achy) is that I can pop Vicodin like candy. Which leads me to the point of this post, which is that I’m thinking it’s a really great idea to write some priest porn. Just a quickie before I plunge into the remaining installments of The Billionaire’s Wife. On Vicodin, it seems like a really brilliant idea. But lots of things are brilliant ideas on Vicodin. Clearly the only way to see if this is, in fact, a brilliant idea, is to write my priest porn (on Vicodin) and see if it’s still brilliant when I am no longer on Vicodin. And then publish it anyway. As an experiment. Vicodin priest porn. Next big thing. You heard it here first. SOBER EDIT: Well, instead of writing priest porn I went and early voted instead. Given just how much my vote matters in my state, the priest porn would probably have been the wiser decision.

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