A quick update on the State of the Avaverse

After a scare yesterday where I spent most of the day with my 22-month-old son in the ER (bronchitis and pneumonia, yay) I’m back to writing again today. It owns. The particular title I’m working on right now is called Solstice Sacrifice. It’s a little something different, and I’m hoping to get it done and out the door Sunday or Monday. After that, Bartered Betrayal will be out around the 30th (after preschool opens up again), and then the final installment of The Billionaire’s Wife will come out after that in early December. I’m pondering a story for Felicia’s friend, Sadie, tentatively titled The Billionaire’s Muse, but that is, of course, subject to change. I do love me some Sadie, though, so I’ll probably get started on that closer to Christmas. I’m hoping to make Sadie’s story about the same length as Felicia’s, but in larger chunks. And I have a totally ridiculous story in my head called Dead Man’s Curves. You figure it out. Do you want to see me try my hand at something? Leave me a comment and let me know!