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This page is for TEASERS for my upcoming books! If you’re here, you want them. I got them. First up, a teaser for Rock the Wolf, coming in late October!

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On the fourteenth morning of November, there was a naked man in the goat pen. This was not, Alyssa thought, a strange thing in and of itself, per se. Considering the surrounding countryside, a goat pen was in fact a fairly smart place in which a naked man might take refuge. Nor was it particularly unusual that he was extremely well-built, bulging with muscle and sinew, nor was she entirely surprised to see tattoos scrawled across the canvas of his skin. If there was going to be a naked man in her goat pen, she reasoned, he would most likely not be a seventy-year-old Baptist minister. And it wasn’t strange that he was asleep face down in a pile of hay. That made sense. No. No, the strange thing was that the naked man—very, very naked, Alyssa thought distractedly—continued to sleep despite the cavalcade of baby goats using his ass as a springboard. So who knew? Maybe he was actually dead. Alyssa watched with mesmerized fascination as the goats circled the man’s body, their dainty little hooves picking their way between the man’s thighs—his rock hard, tattooed thighs—and then to the man’s other side. There the goat would pause for a moment, as though to reflect with gratitude on the state of the world that had brought such good fortune. Then the goat would hop up, land squarely on the man’s naked buttocks, and then vault high into the air, kicking its heels with joy. The resultant seismic shifts undulating over the man’s ass were hypnotizing in a way that made Alyssa’s face flush and her palms sweat just a bit. She found herself rooted to the spot for several rounds of goat gymnastics before the man grunted and twitched. So he was alive. That was good. Alyssa glanced down at Samson, who was standing at her side with his ears in the air and his head cocked, studying the nude intruder with innocent curiosity. “Isn’t this your job?” she asked the dog. Samson gave no indication of his thoughts on the matter one way or the other. In all probability he was happy to be relieved of trampoline duty—in the normal order of things, the babies would be jumping on him. Alyssa took a deep breath and pushed her mass of thick hair back, trying to cool her face before tromping over to the corner where the rake stood. She grabbed it and gave the man a tentative poke in the leg. His muscles tensed. Graphically. Alyssa’s mouth went dry. How long had it been since she’d seen a naked man this close? Freshman year of college, probably. Her only year of college. The last time she’d even kissed a guy. No wonder her heart was starting to pick up the pace until she could feel it thundering in her throat. Intellectually she knew a man who would pass out naked in her goat pen was probably not a suitable sexual partner, but her body had other ideas. She needed to get him out of here and on his way before she did something stupid. Alyssa poked him again and he finally groaned and rolled over. In her chest, her heart leaped and she inhaled sharply. He was beautiful. And he looked strangely familiar. Shaggy black hair fell around his chiseled face, brushing over his high cheekbones while his full lips twisted in a grimaced. The muscles of his back and arms rippled beneath his tattoos as he sat up with a wince, his flat stomach curving as he pulled his legs up, inadvertently sparing his modesty. Alyssa tried not to be disappointed and focused on his face. Black eyebrows—one of them pierced through with a sharp spike—furrowed as he brought a hand to his head. Then he opened his eyes and looked at her. Alyssa stared into hot whiskey-colored eyes fringed in thick black lashes and tried to think about nothing at all. Be Zen. Be Zen as fuck. Then the man smiled at her. “Well good morning, beautiful,” he said. His voice was like chocolate pouring through her ears and down the inside of her head. She could almost taste it on her tongue and everything went on autopilot. “You’re in my goat pen,” Alyssa said.

15 thoughts on “Coming Soon

  1. Staci says:

    I can’t wait to read this story….I always love your books. Oh and I can’t wait to read Manny’s story (I’m married to a drummer).
    Get plenty of rest and nourish your thinkmeat! Happy writing.

    • Wendy says:

      When does the next come Lonely Kings book come out on Audible? And more of Kent and Rebecca, as well as the others, would be terrific! Your sense of humor and unexpected twists and turns are refreshing!

  2. Jamie says:

    Please don’t say I have to wait til May for the next Lonely Kings novel. I feel like a junkie waiting for one more hit of the good stuff. It is not like the offer novel rehab.

  3. Pattie says:

    Just read the three Lonely King books (in two days), excellent! Can’t wait to read Sonya’s story. When will it be out? And definitely want to know more about all three couples.

    • Ava Lore says:

      🙂 I’m glad you enjoyed them. Sonya’s book will be out this summer after I take a break with a rock themed PNR. I can’t quite say when because book #3 took FOREVER, but I’m planning for there to be lots of the band in her book, so definitely look forward to that one! Thank you for reading!

    • Ava Lore says:

      I’m not sure when it will be out, but it will involve all previous couples. 😀 I have the advantage of telling the story from a band’s insider’s perspective this time, so it’ll be all Lonely Kings all the time.

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